Control over the organisation's activity

Capture and Connect
Company's Structure

Legal entities




IT Systems


Gainside enables to capture, describe and link various elements of enterprise universe: legal entities, physical locations, business units and functions, business processes, IT systems, regulatory environment, contractual information and other. Gainside gives you close-to-unlimited flexibility in defining types of universe elements, their descriptive parameters, links and reports. Consequently you get instant, multi-dimensional visibility of your enterprise. Simple example would be to list physical locations per type and per each legal entity. More complex report can present what 3rd party contracts and business processes are associated with each and every IT system used by the enterprise.

Oversee Ethics and
Code of Conduct

Capture & report incident reporting tool

Identify & report non-compliance through audit issues

Link & report incidents and issues with Company Structure

High level of corportate ethics is a foundation for company's longlasting success. Modern enterprises engage significant resources to communicate, promote and enforce high level of ethics. The challenge lies in implementing those values not only across employees, but also a vast and complex chain of suppliers, vendors, and business associates. Gainside supports those initiatives by providing tools to promote, control, monitor and report on compliance. Specifically:

  • Gainside Policy Register helps develop and maintain a single, consistent code across the enterprise while uniformly reflecting content updates or changes
  • Gainside Incident Reporting acts as single point repository of all non-compliance incidents reported via multiple reporting channels
  • Gainside Enterprise Universe enables linking non-compliance incidents and audit issues with enterprise's universe to provide top-level visibility into problem areas
  • Gainside Reports provide powerful dashboards and reports that enable real-time tracking of compliance


Define stakeholders interests
and link to Company Structure

Capture losses and incidents
in incident mgmt tool

Identify non-compliance through

Report incidents, losses and issues
vs Company Structure

Management board, supervisory board, certification body, regulators, banks have easy access to the risk analysis in the whole Company

  • all losses and incidents are captured in one place easy access
  • non-compliance issues are captured in one place easy access
  • GaInside provides easy access reporting tool to present all losses & issues in various manners vertically and horizontally
  • Usługa GaInside zapewnia narzędzie do raportowania o łatwym dostępie, służące do przedstawiania
  • Wszystkich wypadków i problemów w Strukturze Spółki – działy, pracownicy

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